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Custom Portable Folding Silicone Mask Holder


Product Description

This silicone portable Mask Keeper folder is made of soft, food-grade silicone that is both secure and odor-free, allowing you to use it with confidence. It's reusable and can be sterilized by boiling. Put your face mask in this adorable silicone mask folder to keep it clean and protected from pollutants. Foldable and portable design allows you to store disposable masks at any time and hold them in your pocket or backpack. It can be reused and washed several times. Rather than stuffing it into your bag or leaving it out on a surface, risking it to crumple and worse, contaminated by bacteria, this mask holder is a place to store your mask.

Size: 7.5"* 5.1" 

Folded size: 3.5"* 2.9"

Made of food-grade silicone

Cycle use

Mouth opening and handy hook hole design

Washable and durable 

Lightweight & portable