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Buy a wide selection of event giveaways, corporate gifts, vacation backwardness and advertising merchandise. Our promotional products have small orders to no minimum order requirements, no hidden costs, so it's easy to get your customized brand products for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses as well.   

These design templates are dedicated to business promotion and branding, and the sample layout has been optimized for printing, making it very easy to personalize your company, event, or organization.

Promotional Aprons | Custom Personalised Kitchen Aprons | Bulk Chef Aprons for Men and Women Gift Giveaways

Our promotional aprons are some of the best promotional products for restaurants & culinary schools. We carry custom imprinted grilling aprons, long personalized business logo butcher aprons, server-friendly promotional waist aprons, non-woven custom eco-friendly recycled aprons, handy customized tool aprons, rugged wholesale BBQ apron gift sets, and more.

To protect your clothes from food stains, aprons are the most reliable products that can be worn on your clothes. It shows a waterproof layer that is designed to protect your front half while cooking to bypass unnecessary food stains and splashes. Chinese promotional aprons are made of natural fabrics. They can be worn at home, in fast food restaurants, restaurants and bars, by artists or florists. Men, women and even children use them when they work in a bakery or florist, when they cook, or even when they sketch or make pottery.

This material is considered to be the safest job when doing any kind of work to keep clothes clean and prevent accidental splashing. These promotional products are more suitable for all kinds of festivals and trade exhibitions, and are widely displayed in almost any residential and commercial conference. They are the easiest way for people and customers to understand your presence in the corporate market.

As a part of marketing strategy, personalized apron can be used for brand identification. They are mythical garments that can be used for investment purposes to maximize returns. More publicity will increase demand and increase sales profit margin. If someone is wearing it at work, the brand name or logo written on it will show your name. Custom aprons from China have a truly unique flash and create a good impression in the minds of future audiences as well. In addition, if you compare promotion costs, they are worth more than most forms of marketing. Considering the existence and longevity of this kind of apron, you can safely spend money on it. The most widely evolved feature of these aprons is that they can be reused from time to time.

The main advantage of these promotional products is that they provide enough space for customers to learn to provide business references. It's really the perfect way to let customers know your value proposition and let them remember your qualifications. KCMM offers various types of promotional aprons at wholesale prices with appropriate customization facilities. It doesn't cost you anything to buy a custom apron, if you are consistent, you incorporate custom. Explore their range and buy your custom version today!

Custom Logo Imprinted Aprons | Cheap Personalized Chef Aprons

We offer a lot of promotional products for restaurants and bakeries. Our best promotional kitchen product is our custom embossed apron. Our promotion aprons have a variety of styles, colors and sizes to choose from. They are popular products in the food service industry and excellent promotion gifts for enterprises. Whether it's used in restaurants, backyard barbecues, or in barbecue pits for company picnics, our custom business logo printed on aprons is a promotional item that never gets upset.

Promotional Apron - Materials

Our customized promotional aprons are made of many different materials. Each material has its own set of properties that provide benefits and practicality in a variety of situations and uses. Please read on to learn more about what material our apron is made of.

Personalized polyester apron

At this point, we would like to introduce you to our custom polyester advertising apron. Polyester fabrics can be light or heavy, depending on the density of the fabric used. Its density is measured by deneers, and the heaviest polyester fabric has the highest density. Polyester is a highly UV resistant material, which is very suitable for outdoor use. It can also be machine washable, keeping its shape very good.

Wholesale Cotton Apron

Some of our most environmentally friendly promotional aprons are made of cotton. Cotton is a natural product, known for its softness and comfort. These represent some of our lightest promotional aprons. They are ideal for use around houses or in commercial kitchens, but they are not designed to carry heavy loads in pockets. Our promotional cotton restaurant apron has good air permeability and water absorption, unlike other fabrics, which can retain strong odor. This makes them perfect for promoting apron seafood market.

Custom twill apron

In short, twill is a fabric weave designed to achieve a parallel diagonal rib pattern. Unlike many fabrics, twill fabrics are constructed in such a way that they have distinct inner and outer surfaces. Exterior surfaces tend to be more decorative and durable, which makes sense, because people always want to be the best of themselves. This is a common fabric form in aprons because they often experience a lot of wear and tear when performing tasks. We have several different types of promotional twill aprons for you to check for visual assistance.

Polyester apron for promotion

As their name implies, our custom polyester twill apron brings the best benefits of cotton and polyester watch. They're usually made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, but that's not the same rule. Our bulk Poly Cotton aprons offer superior dyeing resistance, wrinkle resistance and are not easy to develop permanent creases.

Promotional denim apron

Denim is a special twill cotton fabric, and if you want to know, yes, these aprons are made of the same material as your jeans. Our personalized denim apron with your logo is strong and stoic in absorbing moisture and sweat over. Hand washing is the best way to clean, because it can prevent shrinkage.

Custom logo printed non woven polypropylene apron

Our customized environment-friendly non-woven apron is one of our best environmental promotion products. Polypropylene is made of 100% recyclable material, and polypropylene itself is completely recyclable. Its density is measured in grams per square meter. The high GSM number means that the polypropylene in your product is very strong and durable. This material is resistant to water, tearing, stains and warping. The polypropylene aprons we promote are so named because they are made of chemically bonded fibers rather than stitched fibers.

Promotional denim apron

We wholesale canvas aprons for restaurants, bars and contractors which are among the most durable aprons money can buy. They are specially designed to carry heavy objects and can withstand water and bad weather. They stand up to the pull and are flame retardant. This makes them a great choice for barbecues and when operating in a cooking environment, big flames are part of everyday life.

Promotion of butcher apron

Butcher aprons are often long and heavy. They provide a lot of coverage because their namesake profession is one that can be quite confusing. Safety is also the most important when it comes to our custom butcher apron. They feature an extra long waist tie that extends all the way to the front of the apron for easy fastening. This prevents hanging ropes from getting stuck under feet or on heavy machinery and reduces the risk of injury.

Different styles of customized apron

Different tasks require different tools, and our promotional apron line is suitable for any and all tools. Our custom business logo embossed aprons come in many different shapes, sizes and overlay styles. Now let's introduce the various styles of aprons we offer.

Custom pub apron

Tavern aprons tend to rise to or slightly above the waist level and usually fall around the knees or slightly above the waist level. Our personalized pub apron gets its name from the fact that many high-end restaurants often wear it on waiters.

Promotional barbecue apron and customized barbecue apron

This is another apron style, and its name eliminates a lot of speculation. Our custom printed barbecue apron is made of durable materials and designed for outdoor use. They usually have several pockets, many of which are designed to carry specific barbecue tools such as pliers, forks and barbecue brushes.

Wholesale tool apron, also known as personalized contractor apron

Our promotional aprons, also known as contractor aprons, only serve your desired purpose. These promotional aprons with extra pockets are designed to accommodate all the tools and tools that one person needs to get the job done. They are made of more durable fabrics because they need to be able to hold heavy goods.

Wholesale bulk full length apron

The full-length apron is designed to protect all your clothes from the neck down. Most butcher aprons fall into this category, as do most promotional food aprons and some pub aprons. If it's a dirty job and splashing, splashing and spilling are expected, you'll want to use our personalized full length apron to keep your clothes dry and protected.

Personalized folding apron

Our wholesale folding aprons are designed for ergonomic convenience. They are shaped much like traditional aprons, but when not in use, they can be folded into their own separate bags for easy storage and transportation.

Company brand semi apron, also known as personalized Waist Apron

A skirt is also called a waist skirt. This is because aprons protect the waist and around the knees or the middle of the thighs, depending on the height of the apron and the person wearing it. They often wear waiters and waitresses as well as waiters and moms î Trede. Cashiers, grocery store staff and Florist staff also tend to find our promotional waist aprons very useful for waiters and waiters.

Custom men's apron

We have a large selection of men's aprons from promotional companies. They cover many different styles, usage, fabric choices and personal taste preferences. One of the most popular is our promotional contractor apron and custom logo butcher apron.

Promotion food apron

KCMM company logo food apron is very suitable for high-end restaurants and luxury dining places. They go well with almost any uniform and are very durable. There's plenty of pocket space, too, which helps food service providers keep busy taking notes for big orders.

Personalized women's apron

Don't worry, ladies. Of course we haven't forgotten you. We also offer a lot of promotional company aprons for women. There are several colors, styles, sizes and shapes that can help this busy woman be proud to represent the company she works for.

Cheap screen printing apron wholesale

Screen printing is usually the most economical way to get a business logo printed on the product. You may also have seen this process called silk screen printing. It works best with monochrome logo and company logo and is more complex and detailed. If this description fits your logo design, buying our large number of screen printed aprons will prove to be a wise investment.

Design your own promotional apron

There are many ways to order promotional aprons with the company logo. Screen printing, full-color transfer printing, embroidery and dye sublimation are the real commercial logo decoration choices that have been tested for a long time. They all have their own time and place, and they are the best choice. Read on and see which one suits your business promotion needs best.

Personalized full color logo apron

This approach usually goes when your logo features bold colors and a relatively easy to copy design. This method allows multiple colors to be added to a project at the same time, thus speeding up production time. Our company's apron printed with full-color logo is a little more expensive than silk screen printing, but if you want the logo with bright color and high contrast, it's worth it.

Custom embroidered apron

Customized apron with embroidered logo is one of our more high-end promotional products. An embroidered logo is sewn into the fabric of the product to make sure it doesn't fade or chip over time. It creates a three-dimensional effect and is a very suitable product for boutique enterprises, fabric stores, high-end restaurants, and first-class commemorative promotions.

Company logo apron sets and gifts

Our company's brand apron set gift is the perfect enterprise promotion gift. They include our personalized apron, as well as several different barbecue tools. They are great gifts for company picnics or for picnics and barbecues once they are received. If you want to spread goodwill for your brand through good times, this is an ideal choice.

Fully customizable dye sublimation apron

Our promotional dye sublimation apron allows maximum creativity and color. Their entire surface is printed with your business logo and any other design you want to accompany it.

Wholesale company all kinds of color apron

We offer personalized company logo aprons in a variety of colors. Sometimes a simple black or white apron is the best way to convey your message or dress your crew. Other times, you may want to make things more colorful for the festival or with a brilliant logo design. We will discuss this in more detail in the next three paragraphs.

Personalized white apron

Are you equipping bakery staff or looking for the best custom CHEF APRON? If so, our large white aprons, restaurants, bars and more are a viable route to take. Their crisp, clean, professional appearance is perfect for all food service varieties.


If you are looking for custom cashier apron or bulk apron for Deli staff, our promotional black apron is an excellent choice. They go with most clothing or logos, rarely stain, and are great with the usual black pants / white shirt.

Promotion apron features

Our promotional aprons all have their own characteristics that make them unique cooking cousins. Whether it's based on storage, comfort, convenience, safety or antifouling, each feature will bring different things to the dining table.

Promotion of multicolor apron

Some cases and some logo designs just need extra color. It won't be a problem when shopping our apron collection, because we have many custom colored aprons for you to choose from. With so many options, you are sure to find a look that fully matches your company logo design.

What is the bib of an apron?

The bib of an apron is the tapered top of the apron. They cover the wearer's chest and, in many cases, have a pocket on which your business logo can be printed or embroidered.

Apron with pocket

Our aprons have many different pockets. The patch pocket is a pocket made up of individual pieces of cloth sewn on the surface of the fabric. They tend to be big and have a bit of a prominent appearance. The slash pocket has a thin opening, which makes it easy to match with clothes. The deeper the trumpet pocket, the wider it is. No matter which style you choose, our cheap personalized apron with pocket will make your logo proud!

What is a tunnel neck strap?

The tunnel neck strap is a kind of neck strap, which is sewn in front of the apron and hung freely at the back. Our company's brand apron has a tunnel neckline, which can easily slide up and down, and is very comfortable.

Cheap personalized apron and pouch

If you don't like traditional pockets, we also offer promotional aprons with pockets. These are larger storage areas, often located around the chest or abdomen area of our full and medium length aprons.

What does self structure mean?

Self woven fabric means that the described part of the garment is made of the same fabric as the rest. For example, a polyester apron with a self-woven neck strap will contain a neck strap that is also made of the same polyester cut and density as the rest of the apron.

Promotional Adjustable Neck Aprons

If more than one person will be wearing the apron on your business order, or if you just want to provide something that can adapt to the maximum comfort, we have provided protection for you. Our company's apron has an adjustable neckline, which can be adjusted to create different widths for different users or single users who just want to change the tightness over time.


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